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Saturday, December 15, 2018

SolderSmoke Podcast #208

SolderSmoke Podcast #208 is available: 


15 December 2018

Pete and the California fires
Bill goes to Brooklyn
2 meter simplex
A return of the trivial electric motor
Audio from Mars
HF Conditions -- a real mixed bag

Pete looks back at 2018 -- The Year of the SSB Transceiver -- Lessons Learned

Hans Summers, the QSX and the virtues of SDR
W7ZOI's DC Receiver Retrospective
The 1972 Solar Flare and the Vietnam War

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Don't Build It!   Sage -- but unexpected -- advice from Pete. 

Straight Key Night approaches. 

Book Reviews:  
--"What is Real?"  (Quantum Physics)
-- RHdb by K6LHA.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" 
"First Man" (Not yet!)

Steve G0FUW


  1. My dad is a listener of your podcasts and told me about the broken amazon link you plugged. I did some debugging in the html and the source link for the widget has two forward slashes in the beginning which are possibly preventing the link from appearing on the site. Hope this simple fix resolves it!

    1. Thanks, but the only Amazon widget I have is the search box in the upper right corner of the blog. It desplays properly on my screen under Google Chrome. Sorry you were having trouble. Hope you can get to the widget. Please tell your dad I said thanks! Bill

    2. The Amazon thingy doesn't work for me either, but I use a hosts file when browsing - I rarely shop at Amazon anyway.


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