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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Shortwave Dials -- Exotic Locations -- Hong Kong! Berlin! Springfield? Schenectady?

Click on the picture for a closer look. 

No offense to the birthplace of Homer Simpson, but Springfield?  And Schenectady?  This dial glass is all that remains of a shortwave receiver used by my wife's grandfather in the Dominican Republic. 

Many years ago the Boatanchor enthusiasts had a very informal "dial lights" competition.  Which receiver cast the best glow from its dial lights.  (I think my HQ-100 was the best.)

The dials of many old shortwave receivers have recently started to show up on the Shortwave Listening group on Facebook.  Some have some very exotic foreign locations.   Perhaps we should launch a similar competition:  Which SW receiver dial has the most exotic foreign locations? 



  1. Bill,
    This great dial also has Khabarovsk and Huizen. They slightly more unknown than Schenectady and Springfield!
    Steve KB3SII

  2. looks like the bustling metropolis of Schenectady might appear on the dial on three different frequencies

  3. Here is one of the perks of SW homebrewing: I get to put my own geographic/frequency lables on the dial. I currently have Turkey, Beijing, Greece, Miami, Colorado, Madrid, and Monticello Maine!

  4. If it's a General Electric radio, Schenectady makes sense. It was GE's head office from 1887 until around 1970.


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