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Monday, March 29, 2021

"Analog Man in a Digital World" by OM Joe Walsh (music video)

After seeing my last post about SDR, the dongle, the Android tablet, and the Bluetooth mouse, Bob Keller grew concerned about my, uh, stability.  Here is our e-mail exchange. 


Have you had a comprehensive medical evaluation recently? All this digital activity from an erstwhile analog man is a concerning symptom. <g>

I suggest listening to the following number at least once each day until you have the chance to get checked out:

-- 73 de KY3R, 
    Bob Keller


I know.  It really is quite disturbing.  I've been getting a lot of "welcome to the dark side" messages!!!  

I am now trying to get back in the good graces of The Radio Gods.   Today I fired up the Fish Soup 10 and made two CW SKCC contacts on 40 meters.  I feel better already.  

Thanks for the song from OM Walsh.  I had heard it before but it is more meaningful to me now.  I will put it on the blog.  Others may need help too.  

Thanks for caring Bob.  




  1. Great post! Still have to get via digital Internet though :)

  2. Also, IIRC, the recording and mixing, the whole production shebang, was Analog. I do wonder about analog product: analog-cut master for the pressing of vinyl? CDs and DVDs are digital too, for quantity. True Audiophiles can tell the difference seemingly, but even to my hearing there's a spatiality. Go Joe!


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