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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Straight Key Night 2021 at SA2CLC in Sweden

Wow, check out the FB gear of Tommy SA2CLC in Sweden, in use on Straight Key Night 2021. There is some German WWII gear,  a BC-348,  a homebrew transmitter, and some FB QRP kits. 

More on Tommy SA2CLC here: https://www.qrz.com/db/SA2CLC 
The culvert under the road for coax to the antennas is very cool. 

FB Tommy!  A belated HNY to you OM. 


  1. FB on the military gear. Really nice. The Germans knew how to make radio gear. All tubes, all the time!

  2. That's wonderful. I have let my CW go and now having a real problem getting it back. I would love to do CW again but as I'm getting older it becomes more difficult to do as my memory is so poor now.
    But please keep yours going.
    73's. De. HS0ZLQ /G0MIH.

  3. Glad you found my channel, and I'm glas you like thw content :)
    Yeah, the feedline culvert was a bit of an effort,but worth it in the end.
    //Tommy, SA2CLC


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