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Saturday, March 20, 2021

SolderSmoke Podcast #229 -- G2NJ Trophy, SDR, HDR, CW! Mailbag

Soldersmoke Podcast #229 is available: 


--  G2NJ Trophy is awarded to Pete Juliano, N6QW. 

 -- Get your vaccine shot as soon as you can!  

-- More from "Conquering the Electron" by Derek Cheung. 

-- Bad fire in the chip factory.  Such a shame.  Sad!  I had NOTHING to do with it.  I was home that day.  I can prove it.

 -- Bezos is not such a bad guy.  Turns out he is a space-geek.  

 -- Perseverance was the big space news.  Very cool.  


Pete's bench:

Raspberry Pi vs. Microcontrollers

Treedix display

Conversion of the Dentron Scout

CW rigs?

6L6 on a wooden chassis




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Bill's bench: 


-- BITX40 Module.  

-- Ramseykit Amp. 

-- San Jian counter,  

-- CW using 750 Hz oscillator. 

-- RF-actuated piezo buzzer.  

-- SDR!  SDR using PC and tablet.  

-- Checking the output with SDR.  

-- Moving the carrier osc frequency.  

 Also, I put the Fish Soup 10 back on the air.  Nice contacts under 200 mw.

Up next:  A rig for 80/75 and 20 meters.  Single Conversion.  Using VFO from a Yaesu FT101 that runs 8.7 – 9.2 Mhz.   Quiz question:  What IF should I use?


Mark Zelesky sent me wood tokens with power and Ohm's law formulae.  Thanks!

Scott WA9WFA Built a really nice Mate for Mighty Midget RX – getting it going!

Tryg EI7CLB found board of his George Dobbs Ladybird RX.  Rebuild it OM!

Tom WX2J – We talked about “No lids, no kids, no space cadets” nastiness.

Nick M0NTV about sideband inversion.  I like the simple rule about subtraction.

Jonathan M0JGH – Always listen to Pete.  Got married, has mixing product. Leo?

Mike AE0IH.  Dad used a BC-348 in the service. Looking for one.  FB.

Adam N0ZIB – “Silent Shep” site --- with some ham radio shows I had not seen.

Walter KA4KXX in Orlando has a similar subtraction problem with San Jian counter.

Bill N5ALO sent me a really nice KLH speaker.   I’m using it now.

Jason N2NLY – interested in building SSB transceiver.  One step at a time OM…

Trevor in Annapolis sent xcsd cartoon that really hit home. 

Farhan is doing OK in India, diligently protecting his family from the virus.  

Peter VK2EMU also doing well.

Dave AA7EE Casually killed a DC receiver in Hollywood, and disposed of the remains. 

Charlie ZL2CTM doing great things with simple SSB.  Blogpost.

Phil VK8MC in Darwin sends article on "Mend not End" battle against planned obsolescence.

Bob KY3R re my SDR adventures, asked if I’ve had a recent medical/psychiatric evaluation. 


  1. Bill--I'm in the middle of this-month's podcast and I had an idea for your Patreon offering. When you record each podcast, you and Pete are already using Skype, and I think you usually have your cameras on so you can see one another. I don't know how you're recording the audio (native Skype has it built in), but you can also record the video using add-on programs.

    If you did record video, that could be something you can offer exclusively to Patreon supporters. This wouldn't mean depriving anyone of anything you already do, and inasmuch as Soldersmoke is a *podcast*, it would be "above and beyond" the call of duty to offer to those who also go the "extra mile" to contribute via Patreon.

    Personally, I'm not much motivated by getting access to each podcast before anyone else does--it's usually several days after you post them that I listen anyway (today is an exception). I *would* be motivated by being able to watch you guys while listening, and to see the things you sometimes show one another during the show. If you wanted, you could eventually post each show on YouTube for everyone to see maybe a month or two afterwards. This would get your YT channel more views--and much longer ones, too.

    I don't think the learning curve on doing all this is very steep, and here are a few links to give you a better idea how it might work:



    Just a thought. Now I'll get back to the March podcast. 73, Todd K7TFC

  2. Thanks Todd. Great idea, but I'm not sure Pete and I can be made video-presentable, especially at the early hour at which we do the podcast! Pete is more tele-genic -- people have confused him with Dr. Fauci! But I definitely have a face for radio, especially early in the morning. We'll think about this. Thanks, 73 Bill

  3. Congratulations to Pete. What an awesome award. You sure deserved it!

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  6. Bill--
    I am getting caught up on some back editions of the podcast. In Episode 229 you mention EI7CLB and his George Dobbs Ladybird board.
    Growing up as an expat in Japan, many of the books I found in English were of UK origin. Among them were Dobbs' Ladybird electronics books, which fascinated me. Unfortunately they didn't make the trip back to the States with me.
    Fast forward to 2021. I am in the process of putting together a Michigan Mighty Might to join the Colorburst Liberation Army (thanks again for the crystal BTW...sorry it has taken this long.) I had already decided to build it in the breadboard style from the Ladybird books when I heard this episode. Coil is wound, Fahnstock clips are arriving this evening, hopefully will have it assembled in the next week or so, life permitting. I'll send pictures when it is done.
    Thanks and 73--Dan, AF7O


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