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Friday, September 3, 2021

1BCG -- 1921 Transatlantic Test and the Upcoming 100th Anniversary

In December 2021 we will reach the 100th Anniversary of the famous Transatlantic Test that marked the first crossing of the Atlantic by radio amateurs.  The video above provides a really excellent description of the momentous event. A few things struck me: 

-- Even then they struggled with amplifiers that wanted to oscillate. 

-- Armstrong should have gotten more credit for the transmitter design.  After all, it was his regenerative system that gave rise to the kind of oscillators that allowed for CW (vice spark) and that formed the basis of the MOPA transmitter that these fellows used. 

-- The info on the Superhet receiver used by Paul Godley in Scotland was really interesting:  It used   "resistance-coupled amplifiers without transformers," similar to what we have today in Farhan's BITX transceivers. 

-- Wow, Harold Beverage himself! And his antenna was used at the Scotland receiving station. 

-- "It was a miracle that no one got mixed up with the high voltage."  Indeed.  

The Antique Wireless Association has built a replica of the 1921 transmitter.  The video below shows it being tested. 

The 1BCG website announces that: 

On December 11, 2021 the American Radio Relay League, The Radio Club of America and the Antique Wireless Association will recreate these historic transmissions on 160 meters near the same location that was used in 1921, using a replica transmitter constructed by volunteers at the Antique Wireless Association. This special event is your opportunity to relive a historic moment in amateur radio history.

The operating schedule and frequency for the 1BCG Transatlantic Tests Special Event has not been established.

Additional details will be posted here when they are available.



  1. This reminded me of the guys who tried to use a ‘voice powered’ transmitter to cross the Atlantic a few years back. Anyone remember who that was? All I recall is that they failed. Might be worth trying again?

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  4. Here is the info on AA1TJ's heroic voice-powered effort: https://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/search?q=voice+powered 73 Bill

    1. Cheers and thanks! Also, sorry about the triple posting


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