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Monday, September 20, 2021

Opening up an Apollo Command Module Microwave Radio System

So much radio goodness in this video.  The enthusiasm of the narrator is unmistakable, and entirely justified. 

A number of things struck me: 

-- Nice shout out to our beloved Parkes Radio Telescope, of  "The Dish" fame. 

-- I like how the French narrator takes some friendly jabs at out use of "archaic British measuring units," and his skillful use of American slang" "Let's open up these bad boys!" 

-- Wow, they filled the radio cases with Nitrogen!  That will definitely save you  money on De-Oxit! 

-- When they opened up the boxes, the construction looked very similar to what I found inside my HP-8640B frequency generator.   

-- Collins built some of this stuff.  

-- 11.6 watts to transmit the TV signal from the moon. 

-- PLL.  

-- A tube type amplifier.  

--- Lots of SMA connectors, but many BNCs also, right? 

-- Finally, and this is really amazing:  THEY HAD A MORSE KEY WITH THEM, JUST IN CASE. 

Thanks a lot to Bob, KD4EBM for sending this to us.  There will be more episodes.  These guys intend to fire up the equipment. 

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  1. cool stuff. here is a PDF that NASA SP-87 proceedings of the 1965 conference on S-band


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