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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Simple SSB Success in Northern Virginia -- "The Radio Does Not Build Itself...."

Dean KK4DAS and the Vienna Wireless Society (VWS) Builders Group have had some remarkable success with Pete Juliano's Simple SSB design.  Sixteen of the rigs have reached the point where the receivers are fully functional.  Eight more have gone the final (!) stretch and have the full transceivers working.  This week Dean and two other VWS builders met up on 40 meters for the world's first multi-SSSB QSO (see Dean's video in the link below). 


Here's Dean's presentation to the club describing the project and Pete's rig: 


As Pete says, "The radio does not build itself..."   Indeed it doesn't!  The VWS builders made these rigs.   FB! 


  1. That's excellent news. I'm just putting the final touches to a 17m QRP Trx.
    It's not my design but it's a kit I bought some 5 years old.
    It's SSB and runs at 4 to 5 watts.
    Very nice rig too.
    The best part are the instructions.
    Very comprehensive and very well written documentation and pictorials.
    I hope to be on air with it soon.

  2. W2BTF: It is not a kit. It is a homebrew project. There is not even a "step-by-step" guide. It is far better to build this way -- you end up learning how each stage works, and how each stage contributes to the overall functioning of the rig. 73 Bill


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