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Saturday, November 6, 2021

M0NTV's "Crystal Filters for the Fearful" (video)

I really liked Nick M0NTV's approach to making a crystal filter (see video above).  He really simplifies a process that desperately needs simplification. I remember when I was building my first superhet receiver,  I came across Doug DeMaw's schematic for a crystal tester that would allow me to properly build the filter.  But the piece of test gear was far more complicated than the receiver I was building.  I never built Doug's device. 

Nick's technique is simpler even than the G3UUR method that many of us have been using for years.  Nick dispenses -- wisely I think -- with the need to calculate motional parameters, Q,  and equivalent series resistance.  This also eliminates the need to fidget around with the design software such as Dishal or AADE.  

Nick uses the Cohn topology (good choice) and uses kind of an "informed cut-and-try" technique to come up with the capacitor values.  

Filter impedance is determined with series trimmer resistors and the NanoVNA to watch the resulting passband.  Nick says this is a Charlie Morris ZL2CTM suggestion.  It obviously works very well -- the ripple that would result from impedance mismatch is eliminated.  

Nick's determination of the best turns ratio for the impedance matching transformers is brilliant.

Nick apologizes for what he says is a long video.  But it is only 30 minutes or so long, and if you are going to build your own superhet or SSB filter rig, it is well worth watching.   

Three cheers for Nick and for Charlie!  Thanks guys!   


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