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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Right to Repair Update

Allan WA9IRS sent me this article.  Thanks Allan.  


The French "repairability index" is an interesting concept.  I wonder how modern ham radio "radios" would score. I think our homebrew rigs would max out the index. 

Pete has commented on manufacturing processes that do (or don't) factor in access for repair. 

One of the recent horror stories we've heard is about a certain manufacturer of mobile phones.  It seems that they have designed the phones so that if you dare to replace a broken screen, the new screen won't work unless you de-solder the associated chip, then re-solder in the SAME CHIP.  

Previous blog posts on this: 




  1. I repair everything I can be it my car to all my radio equipment and all between the two.

  2. You don't have to keep quiet, the company in question is Apple, who don't want you to repair your mobile phones. I understand that there is a right to repair paper, which is becoming law in the USA because we can't keep throwing things a way when they stop working.

  3. I saw an article today that Apple has a software update to address the issue.

  4. I see Apple are now going to supply kits for screens, batteries and cameras from next year. Be interesting to see the pricing of these!



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