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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

SolderSmoke Podcast #234: PSSST, KWM-1, VHF Woes, Mighty Midget, TinySA, 17-12 Dual-Bander Advice Needed. MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #234 is available: 

Roots of SolderSmoke: The "Click and Clack" of ham radio? 
Influences: Jean Shepherd, CarTalk, Shortwave stations.
Steve "Snort Rosin" Smith WB6TNL?  No. Steve "Aching Sinus" Smith WA6SOC  

Pete's Bench:
PSSST Super Simple SSB -- 7 Transistors. Switching IF Module: 
PSST Details:  https://www.n6qw.com/PSSST_20.html
KWM-1 Resurrection "Shame Shelf".
How to make things work:
(Why the T/R diodes in the BITX 20 amplifiers?)
National Receiver.

Bill's Bench
Farhan's Talk to RSGB got me thinking of VHF 2 meter AM.
2 meter Benton Harbor lunchbox madness. SuperRegens Super Strange.
I broke my Maplin AF Sig Gen in the process. Fixed it.
Playing with MMMRX again. Put in 6 kHz ceramic filter. Sounds great SSB and AM.
Swept IF with noise, TinySA, and NanoVNA. Need better noise gen.
Mod to listen with TinySA (on blog).
Thinking of 17 meter /12 meter Dual-Bander IF around 21.4, VFO around 3.41 Mhz. Thoughts?
Sweeping double half lattice filter from Swan 240.  UGLY.  

--- ROOTS OF MAILBAG: Radio Moscow, Havana Cuba, HCJB, others.
-- Thomas K4SWL of the SWL Post: Could have been worse! Stairbag?
-- MY NOVICE LOG -- Heard back from ex-WN2RTH ex-WN2FLK ex-WB2RKK.
-- Drew N7DA worked Wes W7ZOI in Sweepstakes. FB.
-- Peter VK2EMU The movie Frequency and the Magic of Heathkits. Good, but not that good!
-- Thomas KK6AHT! Our old friend. Minima! Now has a young son! FB
-- Chuck WA7ZZE Saw QST profile. Sympathizes with Two-er trouble.
-- Tim M0CZP. Spell corrector. Vatican Diodes. Infallible!
-- Ramakrishnan VU3RDD Working on a NORCAL and a noise cancellation arrangement.
-- Skip NC9O said I was 40 Hz off on 17. But he had a reason to KNOW!
-- Steve K9NVD Glad he's a listener.  
-- Bob KY3R Novice Nostalgia. Should he use 75 watt bulb for dummy load? Yes! 
-- Todd K7TFC Video about why solder smoke goes into the face.
-- Anthony VU3JVX  Homebrew Antuino. I ask for help in moving freq to 450 kHz.
-- Jack NG2E Building Pete's DC RX.
-- Scott WA9WFA HBR-13 and MMMRX.
-- Stephen 2E0FXZ also got a FT-101 VFO.
-- Bob K7ZB on the air with 56 mW and a big antenna.
-- Dean AC9JQ Retired.
-- Allan WA9IRS Right to Repair update.
-- Farhan Invited us to Lamakaan ARC, Dec 11 or 12. Will be on QO100 Satellite Live! 
-- Many suggestions about my Apollo 11 Time Capsule. Still looking for ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday!


  1. In the podcast, Pete mentions the price of CNC machines coming down. Depending on where you live, there may be a maker space available to get your boards CNC for cheap or even free. I haven't checked it out in person yet, but my county library system has a maker space that has several machines available. In my case, the Allen County Public Library (Indiana) has two locations that have maker spaces available for people to use CNC mills, 3D printers, sewing machines and vinyl cutters. I assume that there are other municipalities that have similar maker spaces available to the residents of the area. Just a thought for persons that can't afford even a modest CNC mill.

    73's Dean AC9JQ

    1. Pete's CNC produced boards are the "Rolls Royce" way of doing it.
      If you don't mind the "Model T Ford" way, you can copy Pete's layouts with a Dremel....


  2. Bill -

    I looked at QRP Classics band imagining receiver article you mentioned. On the bottom of the 1st column, page 25 it repeats the 80/20 9 MHz IF plus 5-5.5 MHz VFO myth.

    Best Regards,

    Chuck, WB9KZY

  3. Chuck -- Yea, I saw that. It is really disheartening how many times the ARRL repeated this falsehood. Even AFTER the mistake was pointed out to them -- they published a comment noting this error in November 1985. Yet this QRP Classics article repeating the myth was from the 1990 ARRL Handbook! You wonder how much other bogus info they have put out over the years. 73 Bill

  4. Anyone building the PSSST-20, come join us! https://groups.io/g/pssst-20


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