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Monday, June 27, 2022

Pete N6QW's Hybrid Wireless Set -- A Thing of Beauty, with Thermatrons

Pete Juliano is amazing.  He is admirably carrying a very heavy load of family responsibilities.  But  he still can build some really unique and innovative rigs.  He tells us that getting up at 3 am and only sleeping 5 hours per night allows him to do this.

Pete also blames Grayson Evans KJ7UM for this rig, what with the thrematrons and all.  Pete has a 7360 mixer in this rig, something that Grayson had in the 3rd edition of his Hollow-State Design book (get yours here:  https://www.ermag.com/product/hollow-state-design-2nd-edition/).  Pete reports that he first built the chassis for the tube (I mean thermatron) portion of the rig in the 1970s -- it has been in his junkbox ever since.  Grayson admires Pete's compact construction and point-to-point wiring.  

I too noticed very poor conditions on Field Day this year.  

Three cheers for Pete Juliano!  


  1. Love the rig and the construction (really crammed point-to-point, reminds me of commercial rigs of the 60's)! Hopefully the mixer is a 6JH8, the much improved 7360, but the 7360 will work OK. The display really has me tempted to forget my slide-rule dial project. It looks really nice, especially with the red panel (what about dark red plexiglass?).

  2. I saw the 7360 in the publication but shifted to the 6JH8 used as the Balanced Modulator. Only 9 tubes including a 12AV6 for tone generation.

  3. Ooo! I really like that front panel! What's that cranberry-like color called? Juliberry Red? Craniano Red?


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