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Friday, June 17, 2022

SolderSmoke Podcast #238 -- SolderSmoke Shack South, Cycle 25, Chiquita Banana Radio, RCA, HQ-100, Mate Mighty Midget, Sony SWL RX , Mailbag

SolderSmoke Podcast #238 is available:  http://soldersmoke.com/soldersmoke238.mp3


Cathartic decluttering:  Bill preparing for future winter travel to Dominican Republic.  Will build SolderSmoke Shack South.  Dividing everything up:  Rigs, parts, tools, supplies, antennas, test gear.  Everything.  

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-- Cycle 25 better? – Out here on the left coast – it is not evident
-- Chiquita Banana and the US Navy in early ‘wireless” operations.  Why RCA was created by the US Navy in 1919.
-- Update on the MAX2870 –someone has written the code to make it work with the Raspberry Pi and the QUISK SDR software
-- Field Day prep

Bill needs your help:  
-- Please watch his YouTube videos.  The longer the better!  Success based on hours watched. Great to have on while you are working in the shack. Just go to YouTube and search for the SolderSmoke channel. Or:  SolderSmoke - YouTube
-- Please put links to the SolderSmoke blog on your websites and blogs. 
-- How to USE the SolderSmoke Blog: Propagation, shopping, other sites... 
-- Please put comments under the articles on the SolderSmoke blog.  We like comments and dialogue. 


-- Repair of the Sony ICF SW1 shortwave receiver.  Bad electrolytics.  Number Station receiving device? 
-- HQ-100   Q-Multiplier. BFO Switch. AVC.  Noise Limiter limitations.  Dave K8WPE: Old Radio Lessons.
-- MMMRX: Detector circuit. Alignment. Muting. On the air (40 AM with DX-100) 


-- Bob Crane W8SX -- Great interviews at FDIM. On the SolderSmoke Blog. Thanks Bob! 
-- Dave Bamford W2DAB -- Stickers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  FB Dave! 
-- Farhan VU2ESE:  LADPAC software now available through W7ZOI' site.  
-- Lex PH2LB: Stickers in a Netherlands pub.  
-- Dave K8WPE Michigan Mighty Mite links.  Old Smoke idea. On the SolderSmoke blog. 
-- Rich WB4TLM was in the electronics class of CF Rockey W9SCH. FB. 
-- Dean KK4DAS Working on  his dad's HQ-170A. VWS maker group on mixers. 
-- Grayson KJ7UM -- Mixology article in ER. 
-- Pete Eaton -- Farhan's new analog rig: Daylight again!  Standby for more info from Farhan. 
-- Will KI4POV New HB Al Fresco single conversion superhet.  FB. 
-- Alvin N5VZH. Shep's "I Libertine."  Yes.  I laughed, I cried,  It changed me. 
-- Chuck KF8TI.  Mr. Wizard!  
-- Steve N8NM on the mend after some routine maintenance. 
-- Ben AB4EN is listening and likes the podcast -- Thanks Ben. 

May 1939 QST


  1. Slight correction, the black boxed: Death is Permanent item above is from March 1939 QST, page 21. The May 1939 issue was when the phrase: Switch to Safety won the safety slogan contest.

  2. March or May, I think this box of safety tips came as a direct result of the electrocution death of Ross Hull in September 1938. "Never wear 'phones while working on the transmitter." Or on the TV receiver.

  3. In that March 1939 QST article the author, George Grammer, also mentions Phil Murray who died of electrocution on December 7, 1938. He was working on a relatively low-voltage audio amp. It was the second shock that got him.

    It's a shame that they didn't have ground fault interrupters in those days.

    Chuck, WB9KZY


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