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Thursday, June 23, 2022

WIRED on the Dangers of another Carrington Event, Solar Cycle 25, Capacitors Could Save Us All

This Wired article has some really interesting info on competing theories about the solar cycle, about the danger to the Earth from solar flares, and about what a flare like that of the Carrington event could do to the transformers we are currently using.  The article points out that large capacitors could protect these transformers from the effects of the flare.  But the power companies are not installing the capacitors. 

I think one of the scientists Pete mentioned in SolderSmoke podcast #238 is mentioned here: 


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  1. Most of the time Wired articles are the best. Thanks for telling us about this. I watch TamathaScove and Physics Girl (or is it science girl), Tamatha has a ton of info and Science girl had a great general article although she isn't a ham (YET !)


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