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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

SolderSmoke FDIM Interviews: A BRAVE HAM! Grayson Evans KJ7UM Presents a 50 Watt Amplifier to THE QRP GROUP!

Wow, talk about walking into the lions' den!  Grayson Evans, author of "Hollow State Design" and guru of all things thermatronic, went to FDIM and made a presentation TO THE QRP GROUP on how to build a 50 watt amplifier with a 6146 thermatron.  In New York that would have been called chutzpah.  The QRP ARCI guys seem to have tolerated this QRO-heresy; I'm not so sure the zealots over in G-QRP would have been quite so tolerant.

Grayson gave a nice shout out to SolderSmoke's Pete Juliano.  

And he offered some sage advice to those who live in fear of high voltage:  "Don't touch anything with high voltage on it."  Words to live by my friends.  He even managed to call those who shy away from high voltage "wimps."    This was all very reminiscent of the unforgettable safety advice he offered in his August 2021 interview on Ham Radio Workbench: "Try not to swallow anything, and don't sit on the thermatrons." I mean, who can argue with that? 

You can listen to Bob Crane's interview with Grayson here (about 6 minutes total): 

http://soldersmoke.com/2022 KJ7UM.mp3

Check out Grayson's  Hollow-State Design Book 3rd Edition: tinyurl.com/hollowstatedesign3

Check out Grayson's technical blog:kj7um.wordpress.com

Thanks Bob and thanks Grayson. 

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  1. All the cool kids are doing this- this month’s Practical Wireless has a thermionic QRP transmitter! Ka9p


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