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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Nick's "Shelf-17" Al Fresco Homebrew Transceiver -- Frank Jones Would Approve!

This is a really wonderful video from Nick M0NTV.  

Some reactions:
-- Wow, a real celebration of Al Fresco!  And of the wooden chassis -- Frank Jones would be so pleased. 

-- Nick's description of the tales of woe caused by metal boxes is right on the mark, as is his description of the benefits of leaving the circuitry visible.  He's right -- this is an art and science kind of thing. 

-- That's a shelf, but it is FAR from being a shelf of shame! 

-- I am jealous of the S-meter.  I may need to include one of those in future rigs. 

-- Great to hear the shout outs to VK3HN, ZL2CTM, and N6QW -- we are are indeed the IBEW! 

-- I think we can see the N6QW influence in Nick's decision to use a steerable filter/IF amp board.  FB. 

-- I liked hearing Helio PV8AL in Boa Vista.   When I was building simple Direct Conversion receivers for 40 meters, I knew that I had it right when I could hear Helio's roosters in the morning! 

Be sure to watch this video, and to subscribe to Nicks Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/M0NTVHomebrewing
He has done many other videos providing more details on the various stages that make up this rig. 

I hope to work Nick on 17 HB2HB soon. 

Thanks Nick! 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, Nick M0NTV just needs to put a CW key in series with his 1 KHz oscillator and send some TEST signals on 17M then monitor the Reverse Beacon Network station W3LPL which is 40 miles away from Bill N2CQR to see what time of day is best for propagation and schedule a transcontinental homebrew QSO! (My strong suit is creating assignments for other people...)
    73, Walter KA4KXX Orlando, FL


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