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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

SolderSmoke Podcast #130 Feb 5, 2011 Trivia Questions! Recorded on a D-104! Heroic efforts to Suppresssss Ssssibilant SSSSs

February 5, 2011

For many reasons, this is a pretty amazing SolderSmoke episode. We presented some radio-electronic trivia questions. This is the one where I used an Astatic D-104 microphone to record the show. I even describe putting Starburst candies, Chicklet gum, and even Duct Tape on my teeth in an effort to get rid of the sibilant S problem. This was truly heroic podcasting my friends! There is lots of other great stuff in this one. Maria arrives in the shack with both Tyson the cat and Cappuccio the dog! Lots of space talk. The story of Grote Reber's name. Much more: Some important trivia questions (answers will be given in the podcast): What is the connection between radio amateur (and pioneer radio astronomer) Grote Reber and world famous astronomer Edwin Hubble? In the world of radio-controlled helicopters, what is "TBE"? In Britain they have radio "rallies," but at one time they had hamfests." When did this happen? Only one terrain feature on Venus is named for a man. He is man of radio. Who is he? What music did Neil Armstrong listen to on his way to the moon? Plus: -- The Air and Space Museums -- Our music -- The SolderSmoke D-104 -- NASA asks for our help -- Telescope repairs -- A BFO for the Trans-O -- Back on Echolink MAILBAG! Please send reports on the D-104 audio!

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