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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Armand's Receiver -- A Beautiful Regen from WA1UQO

Armand writes:
The video above shows a quick pass up 40M. The radio sounds better than the video would have you believe (better than I expected). So now the Select-o-Ject circuit is next (Stay tuned Grayson).
A long list of folks helped with bringing this project as far as it has come. The original description was by Bruce Vaughan, NR5Q SK. Jim Stoneback, K4AXF tweaked it and added the Select-o-Ject circuit.
The power supply picture (below) shows a ganged potentiometer and two empty sockets. These will be for the Select-oJect.
Anyway, it was a fun build and I learned a lot. Now I'm at the point that Farhan advises to make a cup of coffee and just enjoy listening.
73, Armand



Power Supply 


  1. Beautiful job but I do not understand how the selecto o jet works without an IF frequency. BTW, I built Bruce's circuit, modified, into a BC-221. Works awesome! 73, Keith ve3gem

  2. This looks fantastic Armand!


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