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Saturday, February 10, 2024

SolderSmoke Podcast #250 Dean KK4DAS joins Pete N6QW and Bill N2CQR

SolderSmoke Podcast # 250 is ready for download: 


VIDEO VERSION: (1707) SolderSmoke Podcast #250 -- With Pete N6QW, Dean KK4DAS, and Bill N2CQR - YouTube

Intro:   Welcome to Dean KK4DAS.  For 2024 Pete and I hope to jazz things up a bit by bringing in fellow homebrewers to talk about their projects.  Dean is our first victim.  Welcome Dean. 

Some good news:  Several new homebrew receivers are inhaling:  Armand WA1UQO in Richmond has an amazing looking regen.  Scott KQ4AOP in Tennessee got his DC RX working.  Mike AG5VG in Texas has been homebrewing BITX 20s and BITX 40s.  All are on the blog.  

Pete's report: 

-- Recent blog entries on filters,  SSB rig architecture, and of course digital VFOs. 

-- Phasing measurements, quadrature, and the Seeed Xiao RP2040

-- Error in QST article on early SSB transceiver.  ANOTHER ERROR!

--LC VFO on blog!  FB Pete!  

Dean's report:  

-- Tales of woe on the homebrew sBITX

-- Help from Farhan.  

-- Ground Bounce.  FFT Hallucinations.   Wisdom files.


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Bill's bench:  

-- Building yet another BITX dual bander.  15-10 again. Tried to use a 25 MHz filter left over from the earlier project, but I had to build another.  Built a new VFO using the variable cap and anti-backlash gear recommended by Pete.  Was a bit tough to get the receiver sounding good.   Had a diode ring as the second mixer, but went back to a singly balanced mixer. 

-- 10 meter AM -- Thanks to Jerry Coffman K5JC for mod. 

Other topics: 

--Counterfeit chips.  Why? 


Wes W7ZOI 

Jim Cook W8NSA  Transoceanic BFO

Grayson KJ7UM -- Vintage Computer Museum

Chuck Adams --Glad to hear that Chuck is doing well.  

Frank Harris  K0IYE --  NO CHIPS!!!! 

ED DD5LP  Antenna software

Eldon KC5U  10 AM We  made a contact

Joh DL6ID  10 AM   

Phil   W1PJE of MIT   10AM   Where is L5? 

Bob WP4BQV now in UK 

Dino Papas KL0S in Wilmington   Reverse Polarity protection. 

AA7EE Dave Richards  Liked Armand's receiver

Rogier PA1ZZ  

Jonathan-san W0XO  Listened to my ET-2 CW Whoop,whoop

Nick M0NTV  Great videos from Nick the Vic

Will KI4POV  Working on his own SSB rigs.  

John West -- Who is the South American ham who made his capacitors and heat sinks? 

Ed KC8SBV  Working on DC receiver, experimenting with FETs 

Mike WN2A great contributions.  Si5351 sole source danger! 

Nick N3FJZ -- watch out for dead bands when testing receivers! 

Don KM4UDX encouragement from new Prez of VWS

Dave K8WPE Likes QF1 Cap backlash.  Says I'm getting soft! 

Dave WA1LBP My fellow Hambassador, from Okinawa USMC Sergeant with a workshop. 


  1. What a hoot! Funniest podcast ever (for us analog guys). Bill was at his comedic best skewering the digital gurus who were shame-faced, hallucinating, and groping for their wisdom files. The only waterfall worth watching is in upper New York state at the border...

  2. I have to echo Walter, KA4KXX's comment. A "Hoot" it was! Bravo!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. First time watching the podcast from here in the UK, great fun and really liked the banter about the sbitx and the woes of going digital. Also liked the bit about variable capacitors and vfo's.
    Regarding the first receiver comment I was one of those that actually built my first receiver back when I was around twelve, a HAC one valve TRF. Bit of a learning curve as it was my first bit of home construction ever and with no one to help and had to go it alone hence the kit! Look forwards to the next Podcast.


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