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Monday, February 19, 2024

Grayson Evans KJ7UM Video on Homebrewing with Thermatrons

Grayson Evans KJ7UM is the author of Hollow-State Design for the Radio Amateur, a wonderful book about using Thermatrons (aka tubes, or valves) in radio projects. Buy it here:


More info on the book is here: https://kj7um.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/hollow-state-design/ In this video, Grayson talks about construction techniques (including the use of Thermatron Me-Pads), and Manhattan construction for Thermatron projects. FB! Visit Grayson's blog: https://kj7um.wordpress.com/


  1. Thermatrons have Lower Noise than transistors??
    No noise figure or no noise voltage is shown on the 7788 datasheet. So does anyone have any real data comparing this to a quiet solid-state preamp?? Understand, this is audio he is talking about, not RF/microwave where HEMT's, eat thermatron's lunch.
    At least Grayson does believe in shielding, and uses it to make nice looking equipment.
    Okay, okay, now I get it- this was a satirical piece! Funny!

  2. I saw a mesmerizing video on the subject of making a mold for the glass base of a Nixie tube:


    It doesn't have anything to do with radio or thermatrons but I thought it was really interesting.



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