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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Innovation and a Dual Band Sweep with Version 2 of the 15-10 Transceiver

Here are a couple of videos on Version 2 of my 15-10 SSB transceiver.  In the video above I try to show the advances and innovations that have been made since the start of my BITX construction adventure back in 2013.  

 The video below shows the receiver in action this morning on 15 and 10 meter SSB.  I think it sounds pretty good. 

Click on the image for a better look

Farhan asked what the passband of the 25 MHz crystal filter looked like.  I sent him this.  I think it looks very good, and shows that it is possible to use an IF this high.  This permits us to not only set up the transceiver for dual band coverage (in this case 15 and 10 meters), but it also allows for a lower frequency VFO (in this case around 3.5 MHz) with a resulting increase in VFO stability.  


  1. Great run through of the rig, design decisions, and experimentation! I paid particular attention to your changes to the TJ DC RX audio amplifier circuit. I appreciate that guest star in this BitX build!

  2. Sounds really good Bill, congratulations on choosing an unusually high IF and making it work. One trick I learned is to install Spectroid app on your phone. Sit phone near speaker for a cumulative audio frequency plot. In some cases I added 4n7 or 10nF top cut from vol potentiometer to ground, watching its effect to roll off the 8 kHz and above hiss. It's personal teste, some ops hear it, some don't... it probably depends on your age! (Your Rx sounds fine to me, but it's an easy experiment to try).
    73 Paul VK3HN.

  3. This is Real Homebrew. Sounds superb, nice smooth tuning, just the way it should be.
    73! WN2A


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