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Saturday, January 28, 2017

SolderSmoke Podcast #193: BITX 40, OLEDs, KWM-4, Noise Abatement

SolderSmoke 193   28 Jan 2017

Report from Pete on BITX 40 Session with California radio club.

Update on the BITX40 Module Revolution
-- Check out the BITXHACKS page.  Send in contributions.
-- BITX20 mailing list very active.
-- Raduino!
-- Interview with Farhan with W5KUB --   Eliminating the commercial gear.
-- BITX 40s on the beach in Australia.  FB

Bench Reports:

-- Color Displays!
-- KWM-4

-- Fixing up the old HT-37   HT37 to HT37 QSO with W1ZB
-- Dabbling in VHF with Ramsey Aircraft band receiver.  NOT FUN.
-- Going all IC with Si5351 OLED NE602 rig.
-- OLED Noise and the Active Decoupling solution.

Using LTSPICE as a diagnostic or understanding tool.

Of Waterfalls, Homebrew Rigs and Casual Critics on 40 meters. Words of Wisdom from W8JI.


Some great recent interviews by Eric 4Z1UG:
Ian G3ROO  Origins of ROO   Regen at age 8
Hans Summers G0UPL     Balloons!   NO COMMECIAL GEAR
Rob Sherwood NC0B 


Chris KD4PBJ's BITX 40 with improved stability
Jerry W0PWE built a DIGITIA!  Very nice.  Worked Keith N6ORS and heard me! TRGHS
Mike AB1YK's Al Fresco Scratch built BITX.  But give that LC VFO another chance Mike!
Steve N8NM 30 meter rig with salvaged CB LC VFO. FB
Keith N6ORS Franken SDR rig with parts from the 1980s.  FB
SKN Bandscan from Mike WA6ARA  I worked W1PID Jim!
What is Mikele up to?
Rocking Johannesburg and Kirghizstan via local repeaters:


  1. Hi Bill,
    I would like to recommend:,BA9S,1,454:
    For modern replacements for the ubiquitous #47 and other bayonette bulbs. These are LED in warm white and have the advantage of low current drain (about 10X less than a #47) and no heat that can discolor plastic dials. I have been using them on my restorations for more than 10 years now:
    The best part, they are almost free. The warm whites do not have that annoying blue cast to them. Check out the National NC-270 as that shows the color well. I thought about diffusing the illumination "spot beam" from them but it is identical to the original incandescents, so I left them alone.

    Dale W4OP

  2. Bill & Pete,

    Looking forward to listening.

    I have been bitten by the BITX bug. I have my BITX40 with Raduino running. I made 7 contacts last Saturday during the NA QSO party. I have one un-boxing video posted. A second video will be release Weds showing a bit of wiring and operating.

    Keep up the good work

    Randy, K7AGE

  3. still another great podcast ,fantastic guys ,Bill and Pete ,bravooo ,lets go on ;) 9a3xz,Mikele

  4. still another great podcast ,fantastic guys ,Bill and Pete ,bravooo ,lets go on ;) 9a3xz,Mikele

  5. Hi Bill. These could be the mechanic's gloves you've seen on Wheeler Dealers.

    73 Ray

  6. FB Podcast!

    It took a while for me to warm up to using the mechanics gloves, but I've become a fan of them. I don't know if I could manage SMD stuff with 'em on, but I rarely do any metal work without them. It's just easier to work when you're not bleeding...

    73 - Steve N8NM

  7. Quick note about "tombstone"... I've heard it used before (I believe on the Amp Hour podcast) when talking about reflowing and how there are things you can do to avoid "tombstoning" components. Not so good if you're trying to get surface mount components situation and one decides to "stand up" due to the laws of liquid solder physics and other forces.


    Annapolis, MD

  8. On the gloves: Thanks for the info, but I'm guessing that it wouldn't be good if the soldering iron touched that plastic and had it melt onto the operator's hand! Ouch!

  9. Hey Bill! I've googled a little bit too and found Edd's (original) orange gloves at
    We are looking forward for your report now ;)

    Thanks for another episode of soldersmoke podcast!

    73 - Tobias DB8TS


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