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Monday, January 16, 2017

Of Waterfalls, SDRs, and Homebrew Analog Rigs: Words of Wisdom from W8JI


It happened again today. Conditions were good and I was BOOMING into the NYC area on 40 meters.  40 over.  Everyone liked the signal and said it sounded great.  Except for one anonymous grump who chimed in to say that I was "9 kc wide."  I imagine he was basing this on a quick look at his super-dooper SDR waterfall, without any consideration of signal strength or the characteristics of his own receiver. Sigh.  The Waterfall Police had struck again.  

OM W8JI gives a great description of the pitfalls of this kind of "you're-too-wide-because-my waterfall-says-so" reasoning.  Check it out.  And keep it handy in preparation for your next encounter with the 40 meter Waterfall Police.  



  1. As long as your audio had sparkle and presence with pronounced mids HIHI

  2. darn, you beat me to it.
    keith N6ORS

  3. That never happens on CW.

    73 Steve N8NM


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