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Saturday, January 14, 2017

BITX40 to BITX40 In Australia -- Both Rigs on the Beach, Video at Both Ends

There is so much great homebrewing going on down-under.   It makes me jealous.  And so much of it is for phone.  FB.

I really like VK3YE's sand graphic proclaiming to the world (or at least to the beach!) that a BITX40 to BITX40 contact had been made. 

Looks like both rigs were using VK3YE's ceramic resonator mod for the VFO.

Be sure to check out the BITX 40 Mods blog:


  1. I suddenly feel that VK hams are having more fun than me. Great job on the gear and the videos guys!
    Keith N6ORS

  2. forza Australia ...nice job!9a3xz,Mikele

  3. forza Australia ...nice job!9a3xz,Mikele

  4. H Peter and Steve
    Well done. A great effort and I am impressed with the audio. Cheers John D VK5BJE/VK5PF

  5. Thanks for the kind comments. It was great fun and I am excited about future prospects with the BitX - such a great rig. I made another vid of the same QSO which also included VK2HPN - this one is a little more comprehensive .


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