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Friday, January 6, 2017

NE602 Si5351 OLED "Whole Foods" Receiver

This is one of those projects that sort of just happened.  First I built an Si5351/Arduino synthesizer with a small OLED I2C display (program by Thomas LA3PNA -- thanks Thomas).  Tom Hall AK2B up in New York helped me get the Si5351 VFO and BFO going -- thanks Tom.  Then, over the holidays I decided to build a rig of some sort around the Si5351.  I started with a superhet receiver using an NE602 as the mixer and another as the product detector.  I power the NE602 with an 8 volt regulator from W8NSA -- thanks Jim.  I made a 4 crystal 11 MHz Cohn filter using crystals left over from a BITX project.  The software from AADE helped me design the matching networks to match the filter to the 1500 ohm impedances of the NE602s.   I built the circuits on a milled board sent to me by Pete Juliano N6QW -- thanks Pete!   I put a dual tuned circuit at the front end, going into a MOSFET RF amplifier.   For audio amp I have an LM386.  The whole thing is screwed down to a barbeque grilling plank from Whole Foods -- thanks Whole Foods!  (This seems appropriate -- the "O" in OLED is for "Organic"!)

It sounds nice.  I may eventually try to put some relays in to switch the NE602s and the filter around to make this a transceiver.


  1. Cool stuff Bill! Could you post an example ebay link to these OLED displays you and Pete use? Also, if there is a link to Thomas' OLED code, I'd be very interested in playing with that also. I couldn't find it on either hi blog of github page. Thanks and 73, Jason W6IEE

  2. Jason: Thomas's program is here:

    In it (up top) you will see a link to the Amazon site for the OLED screen.

    You might need to add a line to Thomas's code to get it to generate the BFO on CLK2.

    Pete rolled his own code. (He's so smart!)

  3. i dont like ne602 but your work is very very nice ,9a3xz-Mikele

  4. Bravo Bill! Molto Bene!

  5. also i cant see the lpf between si5351 and mixers hi ;) hi;) hi ;)

    1. I don't think you need any LP filters there Mikele.

    2. i completely agree with you ,dear Bill ;)

  6. Nice Bill!
    Gives a whole new meaning to the word
    Keith N6ORS.

  7. Its alfresco, great job. Upload a video please, so us voyeurs can hear it in action.


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