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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wonderful "QSO Today" Interview with Ian Keyser G3ROO


I knew it was going to be a good Sunday morning in the shack when I saw that Eric 4Z1UG had posted an interview with Ian Keyser G3ROO.   This wonderful interview brought back memories of my visit to G3ROO's amazing facility in Dover.  (Thanks to Tony Fishpool who brought me out there.)

In this interview, you will hear Ian state -- in a very nonchalant English way -- that he built his first receiver at age 8.  And I really loved the story of how Ian got his call sign.  FB Ian.  

Ian is a very prominent member of the G-QRP club.  I was oddly relieved to learn that he is working on a LEGAL LIMIT LINEAR AMPLIFIER.  I hope he has special dispensation from Rev. George Dobbs.  I intend to cite this project if we ever have to defend Pete Juliano from charges of QROism.

Listen to the interview here:

That is a key designed for use aboard a hydrogen balloon.  This is the kind of thing that Ian has in his shack.
This is Ian's variometer -- mentioned in the interview.

That's me using one of  Ian's spy sets. 

Ian's antenna book:

Here are the SolderSmoke Daily News posts about Ian and the Dover Construction Club:


  1. yeahhhh ;) i thought ,on the last picture ,is Kim Philby ;) ;) 9a3xz,Mikele

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