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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Boatanchors! HT-37 to HT-37 contact with W1ZB

Jerry W1ZB and I met up on 40 a week or so ago.  He was running a Hallicrafters  HT-37.  This spurred me to clear up the T/R problem that had knocked me out of the competition on Straight Key Night  (I'm sure I would have won!).  One spray of DeOxit D5 on the HT37 relay contacts was all it took.  Jerry and I set up a schedule for this morning on 40 minutes.   Above you can see a short video of the first part of our HT-37 to HT-37 contact.

Jerry has an amazing collection of beautiful old tube radios.  Check out his QRZ.com page:

BTW:  Speaking of old rigs talking to identical old rigs:   Last night on 40 I worked TI2NF in San Jose, Costa Rica.  He was running a Collins KWM-2 to a Collins 30-L1.  It was real nice to talk to somebody who was using an unusual rig.  Right after we finished, VE3OCZ called  TI2NF.   VE3OCZ was ALSO running a KWM-2 to a 30-L1.   TRGHS.  


  1. The Thordarson transformer in his HB rig makes me think of Jean Shepherd's tribulations with the heartbreak of downward Heizing modulation.

  2. TRGHS? Yes folks, The Radio Gods do speak from time to time, and they can be heard occasionally above the level of modern appliances, reminding us of Ham Radio's roots in the past and how they underpin what our hobby is today.

  3. Bill, I have the same mic and have been told that my audio is scratchy if I depress the button while talking. If I use the lever on the side all the audio reports are excellent. Curious if you have ever experienced the same?

  4. Hey, I just got an HT-37! When I was 14 and visions of sugarplums danced in my head, the HT-37 was one of the plums. And I did get one - it just took 54 years.
    The front panel is a bit of a mess, but it looks OK overall. I'm going to take it slow. First order of business is to join a fitness club and develop the strength I'm going to need to move it out of the kitchen and to a more reasonable spot.

    73 - Nick, WA5BDU


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