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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Alan Wolke W2AEW Explains the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) (Video)

I told Alan that his video on VNAs was -- for me -- very timely.  The video popped up on YouTube on the day than my NanoVNA was being delivered.  TRGHS. 

Alan does a great job in explaining what the VNA does.  Particularly useful for me was his explanation of the VNA's ability to measure phase differences (through the use of directional couplers).  

I am having fun with my NanoVNA, happily measuring SWR and the bandpass characteristics of various filters.  Mine came with what looks like a guitar pick -- this is used as a stylus to hit the small boxes on the touch-screen.  A nice touch...   

I wish there was some good software for use with this VNA.  Apparently the nice software described by Joe Smith (yesterday's blog post) is quite expensive.  Is there a free alternative out there? 


  1. "NanoVNASaver" is brilliant.

  2. There is a Community version that is a free download, maybe Joe's program works with that. No VNA in my toolbox, so I don't know. Worth a look. Ed KC8SBV

  3. Nanovna sharp works for me and it's free and intuitive to use.


  4. I got nanovna# from github


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