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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dilbert, Shep, Dex, Pete, Farhan, and Wes! N2CQR Presentation on Homebrewing to Local Radio Club

Dean KK4DAS asked me to speak to our local radio club, the Vienna Wireless Society.   It was a lot of fun.  I talked about my evolution as a homebrewer, some of the rigs I made, the moments of joy, and the tales of woe.   You can watch the presentation in the video above. 

I was really glad to be able to explain in the presentation the importance of people like Pete, Dex, Farhan, Wes, Shep and even Dilbert. 

I was also pleased to get into the presentation the N2CQR sign that Peter VK2EMU made for me.  Thanks Peter! 

Here is the URL to the YouTube video (also above): 

And here are the PowerPoint slides I used: 


  1. Great presentation!
    I think Duncan would enjoy the ZL2CTM videos. They are the best I've seen and I've watched them all. The 4SQRP and QRPme kits are a good start as well and economical.


  2. As mentioned in the video, I think a good general coverage receiver would be a good tool for Duncan. He'll get a better understanding of the airwaves. It also makes a great piece of beginners test gear to test circuits with. Especially oscillators and transmitter circuits.

  3. Hi Bill: The video link above does not seem to work. This, however, does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHSr-v4QO7Q

    73 de N1FBZ


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