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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Jerry's Sproutie: A Short Wave Receiver (and a Limerick) by Jerry KI4IO

Jerry KI4IO is a really talented homebrewer;  I've called him the Wizard of Warrenton:  

Warrenton Va. is not far from me (and is the birthplace of Cappucio the Wonder Dog).  Once we are done with the pandemic I hope that Jerry and I can get together to talk about homebrew radio.  

Like me, Jerry recently turned his attention to the shortwave broadcast bands. He too went the homebrew route, but his receiver is a regen.  It is based on the Sproutie by Dave AA7EE. 

Here is Jerry's article detailing the project and the results: 

Jerry had been scheduled to talk about antenna tuners at FDIM this year, but the pandemic caused the event to be canceled.  He shared with me a Limerick that he was going to include in the presentation.  Obviously we have similar feelings about automatic antenna tuners. 

In days of old
when hams we bold
and BALUNs weren't invented
We adjusted our C
and fiddled with L
and reflected power was prevented

KI4IO in his shack Feb 2020

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  1. Try this:
    His dad was a Ham, and he I because Z :)


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