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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Backyard Pandemic Field Day in France (Smoke Released!)

Thank you Alain! 


Hello Pete and Bill,

As you know I am a great fan of your blogs. The fields days are not usual here but because our both countries have been hard hit by the Covid I felt good to participate in this kind of (solo) activity.

My wife Patricia shot 2 pictures for you.

I did some QSO with my callsign followed by FD, but in my enthusiasm I pushed a bit the pressure on my small TX and the PA Mosfet went promptly to the sky...

As you will see, even my dog Guerlain (no callsign) participated...

Hope that you enjoyed a great FD.

Take care my friends.

73 Alain F4IET


  1. Alain, tell us more about the the rig, and sorry your PA gave up on you! Ed KC8SBV

  2. Hello Ed,
    The TRX is a SDR receiver coupled with a 100% homebrew DSB TX outputing the tremendous power of 8 to 10 W for 20/30/40 and 60 M. The TX works in Vocal or digital mode. it is full powered by a Gel-Cell batteries backup power supply, so very easy to do field days...That power supply have also a 19 Vdc output for the laptop.
    It is a very simple setup but I worked all Europe, and a lot of non European stations in DSB Vocal or JS8 (or FT8 when I am lazy).
    Don't worry about the PA, I like to smoke some IRF510 time to time, it is relaxing me :-)
    My 73's
    Alain F4IET

  3. Very nice "Backyard" Alain.
    Tony G4WIF

  4. Thank you Tony,
    I will forward to my wife, she is the"architect" of all that.
    I have a lot of room for antennas but I am not retired and my free time is very tiny. So until now I only have an inverted-V hanged on a 6 m plastic pole.
    73 Alain F4IET


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