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Monday, June 29, 2020

SolderSmoke Patreon -- What We Will Do with the Money

I mentioned our Patreon fund-raising effort in Podcast #223.  We immediately got a number of new sponsors.  Thanks!  We also got a question:  "Hey Bill, what are you going to do with all that money?" In the spirit of SolderSmoke full transparency, I will attempt to answer that inquiry right here and now: 

All funds will be used at the discretion of SolderSmoke management.  

Possible (likely) uses include: 

-- Buying air time on shortwave broadcast stations so that the SolderSmoke podcast can be transmitted over the airwaves. We dream of stealing listeners from Brother Stair.   

-- Computers.   From time to time we need to upgrade. This 486 machine is getting kind of rickety. 

-- Paying fees to our internet service providers and to the server that hosts our podcast. 

-- Contributing to worthy charitable causes, including the Color Burst Liberation Army (CBLA), and the Constructor Crusaders.  

-- Buying audio gear we use in the podcast like the really cool microphones that have DRAMATICALLY improved our audio.  No more baby-wipe pop filters for us! 

-- Legal fees to the law firm of Dewey, Cheatam and Howe to fend off law suits, many of which are related to our obstinate use of 60/40 solder, and to our occasional use of images that SOME PEOPLE find offensive.   We also need to pay legal fees to fight our long-contemplated expulsions from the QRP Hall of Fame (Pete is especially vulnerable here). 

-- Magazine subscriptions (to those few remaining publications that have not pissed us off ).  

-- Buying stuff we use in video production (cameras, tripods, lights etc.) 

-- Further development of the SolderSmoke 401k Retirement fund.  We currently invest in Drake 2-Bs, SSDRA books, Hallicrafters S-38Es, 3579 kc crystals, and other items sure to rise in value over time. 

-- Buying gear we will talk about on the podcast or in videos (like the NanoVNA).  

-- Parts.  Si5351s and Raspberry Pi's for Pete.  2N3904s and J-310s for Bill.  

-- A new effort to assist electronics manufacturers in China with product name selection.  "Mean Well" is just not a good name for a voltage regulator.  And "FeelTech" does not bring to mind a signal generator.   For a fee, we can help!  

-- Travel.  If this ever becomes possible again, we need to get to India to meet up with Farhan.  This will undoubtedly result in some awesome podcast/blog/video material.   We also contemplate trips to the UK, Italy, Australia, China and New Zealand.  But we still probably won't go to Dayton. 

-- Buying miscellaneous tools, test gear, books, solder, rosin etc. to be used in the podcast, the blog, and in video production. 

-- Buying stuff for carefully selected new homebrewers (people who will not sell the stuff we give them and then use the money to buy Baofengs). 

-- A new Baofeng buy-back program.  You know, like for assault rifles, but for VHF/UHF walkie-talkies instead. 

We seek your input!  What else should we do with the money?  


  1. Excellent, may I come with you to New Zealand ?

  2. Funds for your annual April 1 R&D project?

    1. Great idea! It is so hard to stay ahead of technology. Maybe we could hire some big thinkers to help us come up with stuff that is truly outside the box. 73 Bill


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