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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Pete Juliano's Presentation to the Cedar Valley, Iowa Amateur Radio Club (Slides)

Earlier this month Pete N6QW spoke via Zoom to the Cedar Valley,  Iowa Amateur Radio Club.  This was an especially appropriate venue for Pete, the creator of the KWM-4;  Cedar Rapids was the long-time home of Collins Radio.  Many of those in the club used to work for Collins. 

Here is Pete's PowerPoint presentation: http://soldersmoke.com/N6QWslides.pptx

Some notes on the event: 

For the Zoom connection, Peter used his Linux Mint computer. 
Pete mentioned that Gene Senti,  while tinkering in his basement,  developed the KWM-1.  One of the guys in the audience confirmed Pete's account, but added something: Collins employees could buy ham gear at a discount. Senti bought a brand new 75A4 receiver (commercial price in late 50s was about $900) and he modified it from being just a receiver into a transceiver.  Imagine taking a new radio and doing that!  But when he got it working,  Art Collins came over to his home to see the invention. The rest is history.

Pete got grilled a bit on why he was still using “analog’ front ends on his several SDR builds -- why not Direct Digital Conversion?   Pete says he may now try to build a DDC rig. 

There was also a lot of very nice feedback on the SS Podcasts – there were many regular listener’s in that group. 

You can see Pete's slides here:  


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