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Friday, June 5, 2020

Duga-2 The Big Soviet Woodpecker Antenna (Video)



  1. interesting video but a strange comment about the Trident II travel time from Nevada - nuclear sub in Lake Tahoe? 🤔

  2. Just hook your Tuna Tin 2 up to it and - bingo!

  3. This massive antenna has even made it into the movies. In the film Divergent (and it's two sequels) it is featured prominently as a CGI-transformed protective fence that completely encircles the post apocaliptic city of Chicago. I was watching this movie with my son when I spotted it and got all excited and started yelling "hey that's the Russian Woodpecker antenna array WTF!". Of course nobody knew what I was talking about until I showed them pictures of it on the web!


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