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Sunday, May 11, 2008

SolderSmoke 83 -- Special Report from OZARKCON

SolderSmoke Podcast 83 has been uploaded. Topics covered:

Shortwave listening from the island of Ischia.
Chicago's old "Surplus Row."
New antenna yields trans-Atlantic DX!
SPRAT's minimalist MPF-102 rig.
SDR vs. HDR.
Dan's Small Parts.
LB Cebik SK.
AA1TJ's Zener Diode rigs discussed on Radio Havana Cuba.
Beacon project.
Design first, build later!
MAILBAG: Scopes and distortion, Spectrum Analysers, new kits, 30K lemons, FDIM

You can find this episode of SolderSmoke, and all previous episodes at:

73 from Rome


  1. Bill, I cannot find the kits on ebay you mentioned. Not in completed or current listings. A Google search did not show them either.

    73 Nigel M0NDE

  2. Nigel: Here is some more info on the kits:


    73 Bill

  3. Bill,

    I sometimes listen to Soldersmoke at work when nobody is around, I heard you talking in this week's edition about people wandering around listening to soccer (isn't it football over there?) on their radios so having a shortwave radio with the antenna sticking up is no big deal. Just curious, do you find people in Europe listening to shortwave more than in the US? When I was a kid there used to be people periodically who had shortwave receivers but I don't know anybody who does it now that isn't a ham (and most hams don't). Is it more prevalent there?

    Keep up the good work!
    Kerry, WD5ABC
    PS Don't give up on the SDR radios, I've built a couple and am having a ball with it, go to groups.yahoo.com and search for softrock40.


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