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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The D-104 -- A Completely Respectable Piece of Ham Radio Gear

Recently we have received some comments along the lines of, "Hey Bill, what's that chrome CB-lookin' mic doin' in your shack?" Having come into ham radio during the great Amateur vs. Citizen Band wars of the 1970s, naturally I was quite stung. Fortunately, an old magazine soon arrived with a photo (above) that should end forever any speculation about the D-104 being somehow "CB." The picture above is from the January 1952 issue of "The Shortwave Magazine" from the UK. G3ZI, L.S. Woollatt, is shown with his very fine station. With the exception of his two main receivers, all of this OM's gear was homebrew. Racks and racks of FB HB gear. If a chrome lollipop was OK with G3ZI, well, then I think that settles it.


  1. Sorry Bill, but it does look like a CB mic!

    Brian, G8OSN

  2. We prefer to call them "once-metristas" in México...:)


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