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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great CQ Article on Joe Taylor, K1JT

The October 2009 issue of CQ magazine has a really interesting article on Joe Taylor, K1JT. Joe is a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. The article is by CQ magazine editor Rich Moseson, W2VU. I was particularly interested in the Joe's description of how his radio astronomy work led eventually to his creation of the WSJT and WSPR programs that many of us are now using. (Above you can see a WSPR report showing Joe's station in New Jersey receiving my 20 mW WSPR signal.)

CQ magazine has put a "Digging Deeper" article on Joe on its web site. It is not the full October 2008 magazine article, but the on-line article has much of the tech info from Rich's interview with Joe, and in some areas goes deeper. Great stuff! Here it is:
Thanks Rich! Thanks CQ! Thanks Joe!

1 comment:

  1. I would tend to concur with Taylor's comments at the end: "I fear that there has been, across the country, in at least a portion of the population, a kind of anti-intellectual, antilearning,
    sort of undercurrent in recent
    years. I would like to see that reversed. I would hope that the government can do things to somehow, not only improve the educational system but somehow
    improve the attitude... ."

    Indeed, this problem is common in non-technical areas like the fine arts (where I am--in music). There is a real lack of curiousity, an obsession with vapid technique, and a loss of "polyphonic sense". Anyway, Bill, I ordered your book and Lulu says it's on its way to Guadalajara...

    Saludos desde México!
    roberto xe1gxg wb7avf


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