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Friday, October 30, 2009


"Hmm... I think I'll give ham radio a try."

Wow! The latest edition of COMPUTERWORLD contains a really inspiring article on ham radio by John Edwards, W6JE. I think this is exactly the kind of thing that could help bring computer enthusiasts into the world of The Knack. SolderSmoke is mentioned near the end of the piece. Thanks John! Nice work!
Here is the link:

or: http://twurl.nl/0rx1vm

1 comment:

  1. FB OM, you are so right about the article, and FB on getting a plug for the book, well played indeed! Yes, I wish the PC nerds would join us Radio nerds, I think in general, and specially in the USA there is an anti-intellectualism, gone are the days of Apollo.

    Here are two passionate examples of what I mean -- Home Brewing of a different type (no radios but just creative, http://interactive-matter.org/tag/arduino/)

    -- A weird and whacky little recording; Al Schade, Explains the Apollo Space Program to his brother non techie cousin Walter (recorded 1966, brought to my attention via their nephew n5PRE, https://sites.google.com/site/schadesofthepast/al-s-audio-letter-to-walter-march-1966/1966.mp3?attredirects=0) -- notice where they are talking about the difficulties of making a simple audio recording AND talking about going to the moon, in a matter fact way, in the last 50 years making the recording has become very very easy, going to the moon, ah.... impossible.

    How rare is that child like ability to look at he world wonder why ... and why not. We need more solder-smoke in the world. -- That is way your PODcast is both rare but holds a common bond to us, in that it brings together not only your obvious passion for radio and electronics, but also of aerodynamics, physics, and astronomy, but to mention a few.

    Thanks Bill, Maybe curiosity will come back in vogue, you are one of our tour guides to better explore that world. 73 ki4SGU

    PS. Still enjoying the book with laughter and fond tears.


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