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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Listen to "El Silbo" Voice-Powered Rig!


Michael, AA1TJ, has had more contacts with his voice-powered DSB rig. (Scroll down a bit for a look at the schematic and more comments on this amazing project.) Michael has posted two recordings of his signal (as received at distant stations). When I played these files, Ubuntu showed one of those semi-psychedelic groovy "visualizer" displays, complete with oscilloscope-like patterns; the signal looked FB Michael!
Have a listen:


  1. Reading at the circuit diagram is bad for the head. I keep looking for the power connection...

    This is astounding. The only similar thing I've found over the years is a Japanese OM who did this - - Similar, but not as elegant.


    Pete G1INF

  2. The audio samples are eerie; remind me of those audiograms recorded back in the know, the woman singing the French folksong snippet...


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