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Saturday, October 24, 2009

SolderSmoke Podcast #117


In SolderSmoke 117:

24 October 2009
Climbing Monte Calvo + Horseback riding + Piggy-backs = LOWER BACK PAIN
Visit of Bob, W8SX, Soldersmoke correspondent in Dayton
AA1TJ's point contact adventures -- Backwaves and Backwash
AF Collins on Kindle -- "William" Marconi
Hans Summers and Turkish Piracy
RSGB Convention via Skype
"Air and Space" Aurora Article
My new, old Pentium III with Ubuntu (Thanks Jorge!)
Roadkill computing
CQ interviews Joe Taylor, K1JT
New Spart and new Sprat CD
AA1TJ's voice-powered transmitter (and some advice from Italy)
QSOs from Ponticelli: DK1HW/P (SOTA) and UN9GD.


  1. Fldigi is great; use it all the time on my EVO410c

  2. BTW, I gave a conference presentation recently at a musicology congress. My presentation was on post-tonal elements in Revueltas's music. Used the Ubuntu equivalent of PowerPoint. Anyway, the screensaver switched on during my chat and lo and behold, the "circuits screensaver" was projected on the 2x3m screen...Afterwards people asked me "¿Qu√© eran esas figuras? ¿Te gusta la electr√≥nica? Ah...such fun.

  3. Hey, one more! If James A. Michener (who passed on in 1997) recommends the book, then, after I read it, I'd be glad to review it...after all, I am Robert(o) Barnard...(the obscure composer), namesake of the the British mystery book writer (definitely not obscure) 73 again great show as usual and the Rainey VOX xmtr is very FB...

  4. Hey Bill, I think "roadkill computing" has been already been known as "Frankenputing" and/or "Frankensteining" for a while. See the Frankenputer entry in The New Hacker's Dictionary, a.k.a. The Jargon File.

  5. Rats! I keep forgetting to include my call.

    73 de N3JIM, Jim Vanderveen

  6. Bill, welcome to the world of Ubuntu and fldigi! I've been using Ubuntu on my shack PC for two years now and haven't looked back. Now that you've been hooked on fldigi, take a look at the PSKReporter spotting option, I suspect you will like it.

    PSKReporter in fldigi
    PSKReporter Map

    73 de Jason NT7S


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