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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kickin' the Kick Panel to 40?

Thanks for all the suggestions re what to do with the kick panel rig. Steve "Snort Rosin" Smith (pictured above) suggested getting a 9 Mhz crystal filter and building an SSB rig for 75 and 20 meters. I was tempted Steve, but remember, simplicity is a virtue, and DSB makes a transceiver REAL simple.

Craig and OM KWJ suggested 10 meters. I hear you, but I'm looking for a rig that I can use for pre-dawn rag chews, and at that hour 10 is often a white noise generator.

Bruce wants me to put it on 475 KILO hertz. I dunno about that one Bruce -- sounds kind of lonely!

As I thought this over, I remembered a comment from the true guru of DSB: Peter, VK3YE. In one of his inspiring videos, he mentioned that 40 meters is his favorite band for DSB rigs. It is 0545 local and I am hearing a lot of activity on 40. It all sounds very friendly. Some DX coming through... I could make a stable VFO for 40. Then I add a little DC receiver and I'm in business. So I'm leaning towards 40 meters at this point.

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  1. Ah, there is the perfect antler for your new SSB rig, Bill; The "Super Slinky Signal Squirter"! But who is that OM at the mic.? ;-P

    73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"

  2. I'm a noob at HF still studying for my General ticket. After reviewing your solder spot widget I would agree with you that 40 meters would be the way to go.


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