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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Oscilloscope!

That, my friends, is a genuine dual-trace, 100 MHz Tektronix oscilloscope. Wow, a new day has dawned on the N2CQR workbench! The 'scope comes to me as a result of the generosity of friend who, like the guy in the old "Millionaire" TV show, prefers to remain anonymous. He claims this is an equipment trade, but the terms were so one-sided (in my favor), that this was really a gift.

As you can see below, the 'scope fits perfectly in the center position on the shelf above the bench. I've already put it to work -- here you see it looking at the output from the VFO of the kick panel rig.

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  1. Congratulations on getting a REAL scope! That's awesome! Now you can check out my videos on how to get the most out of all that this scope can do!

  2. Oh, and be sure to compensate that probe!

  3. What a nice center piece for your shop.

    73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL

  4. Outstanding. I hope to see lots of pictures of waveforms and movies of hot oscilloscope action on the site now. Congratulations!

    -- Scott (NE1RD)

  5. Grand Poohbah,

    Congrats on getting the Tek 'scope I know you've always wanted. It looks like a mighty fine addition to your homebrewing lab. Enjoy the bandwidth!

    Best regards.

  6. Even for an analog scope, your instrument bandwidth should be at least four to five times the signal of interest to get a proper feel for what the actual waveform looks like. So this 100MHz scope is useful through roughly 20-25 MHz.

    A good alternative for a serious analog scope good through around 100 MHz input is the analog 400 MHz Tektronix 2465B which can be had on ebaY for less than $500 if you stick at it.

    But keep in-mind you need high quality probes to take advantage of the 2465B's 400 MHz bandwidth. The 400 MHz 10X Tektronix P6137 is the sweet spot when it comes to probes; they're around $50 if you keep an eye on ebaY - but if you're lucky your 2465B will come with one or two already ;-)

    73's, David WB4ONA


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