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Friday, February 24, 2012

The ZL2BMI DSB Transceiver

Oh man, I've been a fan of this rig for many years. I first read about it in the pages of SPRAT. Today I stumbled across what appears to be an on-line version of the instruction booklet prepared by Eric Sears, ZL2BMI. Lots of lore in there. Lots of soul in this rig.

This site has three documents describing the rig. All three are a lot of fun: http://www.mightymessage.com/

Three cheers for Eric Sears! Hip-hip...

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  1. Another NE602 based monstrosity. Ugh...

    David WB4ONA

  2. @David, Maybe the MkI version might appeal to you more - not a single NE602 to be seen!


    I've built DSB rigs very similar to both Eric's designs and can vouch for their performance.

    Also remember is that amateur population density in VK/ZL is much lower than the US and few stations on 80m use more than 100w so an NE602-based front end works just fine.

    73, Peter VK3YE

  3. I like both circuits; the NE602/SA612 version for simplicity and the discreet for "scrounge-ability", HA!

    Novice builders: You can use the receiver as the basis for a general coverage test receiver!

    73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"

  4. NE602 is a good mixer with BOTH inputs in balanced configuration.
    You can use LO as power oscillator bypassing #1 or #2 to ground or +DC (With 10k) and taking signal from #4 or #5.
    I replaced the output transistor choke with an LC tuned tank, with 50% derivation to the collector and 20/50/60/70/80/90 and 100% to a rotary switch to the antenna. This benefir RX and TX, and couple any lenght of wire touching the C of the tank.
    Edgardo Maffia LU1-AR Buenos Aires - Argentina

  5. Hi, you can see some pictures of my version of ZL2BMI dsb rig:

    I'm working of detailed description for my blog:

    73 Ondra OK1CDJ

  6. I built ZL2BMI Transciever and it works well. I put it on proper PC boards , I can't remember where I got them from ( A north Island radio club ). Remember 80m on a Sunday night peak time may have 5 or 6 stations on it. So band width does not matter. Nearly everyone in ZL runs 100w except in the DX segment.

    73 Murray ZL3MH


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