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Monday, February 27, 2012


Billy and I went to the Vienna Wireless Association's Winterfest hamfest yesterday. We had a great time and met many SolderSmoke fans. Above you can see me and Randy, N3UMW, the designer of our SolderSmoke logo. Thanks again Randy!
There's Charles, AI4OT. Charles bought a copy of the SolderSmoke book at last year's Winterfest. This year he dropped by to show us his tiny Steve Weber QRP rig in an Altoids tin. FB! And he was kind enough to talk-up the book, helping me make a few sales! Thanks Charles!

We managed to get rid of a bunch of junk, and only bought one item of new junk (a Hallicrafters S-38E receiver). And we got to show our friend (and aspiring homebrewer) John what a real hamfest is all about.

Thanks to the VWS for another great 'fest.

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  1. I need to work on my pose. Thanks Bill and look forward to seeing you and Billy again soon.


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