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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Soldering Tip(!) from Australia

Ray notes that it should be mm not cm


I heard you discussing the gadgets that you have in your shack on a recent SolderSmoke podcast particularly the small flame device that you use to remove the enamel from copper wire. I have found the following to be a fantastic way to remove the enamel and tin the wire at the same time. I was alerted to this process by Grant, VK4JAZ, who saw it on the Hendricks QRP Kits site.

Get hold of a basic soldering iron, usually around $10 - $20, and take out the solder tip (you don't need to buy a new iron if you have a spare tip but I find the separate iron allows me more flexibility during construction). Drill a hole in the base of the tip, about 5 - 10 mm, and place the tip point first into the soldering iron. The hole can be filled with solder when the iron is hot and all you do is put the enameled wire into the solder. The heat removes the enamel and the wire is tinned at the same time. The burnt enamel floats to the surface and all you need to do is skim it off before tinning another wire: Simple and neat.

Vy --... ...--,

de Ray VK4ZW

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  1. This sounds great but could you clarify please? Did you drill the hole along the axis of the tip, 5-10 mm deep? Is so, then does the solder stay in the hole as the iron rests on the bench? Thanks and 73!

  2. Sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous above.

  3. Thanks for the picture, I'll try it!


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