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Sunday, February 5, 2012

SolderSmoke Podcast #141


February 5, 2012

Recording on repaired computer
RG-174 shield wires: "Murphy's Whiskers"
"The Radio Art"

"Non e radioamatore se non gli fuma il saldatore!"

Does soldering a soldering iron disturb the universe?
HCJB: Home of the Quad, but DX Party line is over
Butane, Loctite, Scotchbrite, Velcro, and Gorilla tape

Getting the 17 meter SSB station going -- trials, tribulations, triumph! MAILBAG

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  1. Hi Bill,
    Just listening to the latest podcast and wanted to let you know in response to your question - the audio quality is fine, in fact its very good, no hissing, reasonable range - all good.

    73 Ed VK2ARE

  2. Hello Bill
    I echo EDs comments excellent audio
    73 Ian VK2IJ.

  3. Dimmi quanto vuoi per il nuovo T-Shirt, e ti pagherò subito! Good show as usual and interesting comments on all fronts. Murphy's whiskers and steel wool especially!

    Rob. XE1GXG - WB7AVF/2

  4. Good audio this time and an entertaining episode as usual. :-)

    Eric SA5BKE

  5. Good show.
    Great audio! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

    Bill N5AB


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