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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amateurfunk -- Ham Radio in Germany in 1955

Ah, those were the days!  The bands were in good shape and hams built their own gear.  
Don't let the language barrier deter you -- this German language video is really a lot of fun and worth watching.  It provides a nice look at the hobby as it was 60 years ago. Thanks to Stephen and Michael for alerting me to this.    

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  1. And today, instead of having wholesome radio fun, these guys would be laying on the couch looking at porn on their iPads. Sigh...

  2. That was really priceless. I like the way one person is shown sleeping wearing his jacket and tie, then gets up in the middle of the night to keep his schedule. No Bermuda shorts or unshaven faces in that crowd. But still, the sheer joy of the hobby comes across.

    Who made it, what is the history of the film, do you know any more? I am sure that most of those folk are now silent keys.


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