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Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Ode to Old-time Radio by WA3EIB

I didn’t have much growing up but I still had fun!
Towers of wood and Pipe that reached close to the sun.
Antennas of aluminum and wire seen many blocks away.
C.W. into the wee hours of the night. Hot coffee, now I’m awake to stay.
Many pleasant dreams as the radio cooled and the crickets chirped me to sleep.
Nestled between Foreign Broadcast Signals, and oh my dinner,  I forgot to eat.
But YES, I still had fun!
A cigar box full of crystals and an antique key, I was determined it was one more watt that I need.
Lost them, found them and lost them again but, I still had fun indeed!
Sun rising now, Europe on the line, Shadows short and Africa began to shine.
Orange glow at dusk the ocean islands start to appear, near midnight now and its Russia I hear.
Perhaps these days may all be but gone but my equipment and dreams continue to live on.
And YES, I still have fun!    HH

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