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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Video Model Rocketry

Our plan is to strap a key-chain video camera to the center of gravity on this mean green machine.  Using Duct Tape (of course).  Kind of like this guy did:  


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  1. Looks like fun for kids & adults alike, maybe more for the dads :)

    Jim (the J-Tron guy)

  2. Bill,

    There are at least 18 different version of these "808" cameras. This site may look a little hokie, but it really has a wealth of info on these. You can buy them on Amazon (I did and got #14, not the best). The nest ones are about $30 but are probably worth it.



  3. I have been sucked into the vortex of a new hobby: RC airplanes, which are at least scratch built and will include radio for control and eventually for a live video and telemetry link. But until I gain sufficient expertise, I have been using a little $8 keychain camera I ordered from Hobby King, along with an Amazon branded 8gb MicroSD card (I am told to use class 6 or class 10 cards: class 4 are too slow and will give dropped frames). You can check out some of the vids on my channel.. All the in flight video was recorded using one of these cameras.

    There are different, more high resolution cameras of this type, with wider fields of view but more expensive. Chuck Lohr's site offers lots of good info.

    Good luck! Mark K6HX

  4. Mark, I too have been lured into the world of RC. Two planes and a mini quad later, I'm hooked. Third plane in on the bench in place of the Philco 40-185 I want to restore.

    So many hobbies, so little time. :-)



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