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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mates for Mighty Midgets

Hi Bill,

Gosh, we haven't exchanged e-mails for---literally---years now...! You may recall me from those heady days of yore when we both worked on / built / modified / boast of our respective MFTMM receivers...

A good friend of mine---Bill, VE3CSK---is in the process of collecting parts for an HB receiver, & I've been trying to sell him on the idea of an MFTMM: I keep telling him it's an excellent "foundation" receiver, & that it'll prove to be much more than a toy, or pleasant diversion, if he leaves enough room on the chassis & the front panel for future mods. I think I may be finally winning him over: he's asked me for the references to the rig, & has placed an order for a National-brand slide rule dial with a fellow Stateside!

Do you still have your receiver, Bill...? If so, do you have any nuggets of info that might be worth sharing re. it, that I could pass onto Bill...?

I've since built yet another superhet here---in keeping with my interest in 1929-ish radios, I built this thing, & have been having a ball ever since: http://www.superhets.info/page9.html

This rascal can REALLY play---but it's a LOT larger than my MFTMM rig!

~73!~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Hello Eddy!  Great to hear from you.  I like you FB page on the Super Hets.  Beautiful. 

Yes, I still have my MMRX.  Haven't used it for a while, but I am thinking of putting it back in operation -- I am now getting active on 75 and 40 AM, and it would be fun to use this RX. 

Here is an idea:   The 455 kc filter crystals are now un-obtanium.  But I'm thinking that we could substitute some 455 kc ceramic filters, which are readily available.

I like the receiver.  A lot.  So far it is my only real tube HB project.  Encourage your friend to give it a go!  

Keep me posted!  73  Bill  

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